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When someone visits our rotating URL wanting information, it very well could be YOUR turn which will route the visitor to YOUR personal website automatically!!

From our URL we will rotate YOUR page!! Its simple, every time someone visits our rotator URL they will be directed to one of our members, it very well could be YOUR website.

You get the lead AND you get the sale should they choose to join!

This service is just $41.99 per year! That's less than $5.00 per month!
We will be increasing the price in the extremely near future, just less than two years ago, the $41.99 package was $19.99 but if you are already subscribed at the time of the rate increase, your price will not go up!  Not now, not ever!

We insure that your page will receive thousands of visits per month! 
You will often receive way more then you select!   Often as much as 20% due to the "burst" nature of the rotator system.

New subscription packages available now allow up to 125,000+ visitors per month!

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You can track your hits with your own Google Analytics account or any other hit counter, or you can use our portal add-on.
To see how the rotator works, click http://www.secureclickserver.com, see the website, then click it again and it will take you to the next site in line.  During your tour, if you see a webpage you like, please feel free to browse it because all the pages you see are LIVE pages of our members.  You will not lose your place here because each click opens up a new page. 

The rotator can be hooked up to ANY page for ANY opportunity!

  Fill out the box on the right (next to the video) to order the rotator or see the other pricing options.

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